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Welcome to our Grub scrap book!

Check out Betty on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family cooking up our Hot Flash Mac!

When Stone isn't at Grub, he is teaching kids at The School of Rock!

Jorge has worked here at Grub since the doors opened in 2001, and he invented the blueberry lemonade!

Will has constructed a recording studio in his house and can rap 200 words a minute.  He can also fix anything.  He's like a magician.

Libby & Stone wore Yes shirts on the same day and totally didn't call each other the night before and plan it.

Silvia has 2 rescue Chihuahuas and 3 kids and manages it all - she is our very own Wonder Woman!

Libby loves making hot sauce bottle labels for all the hot sauces here at Grub.  99% of them are of Prince because he is the Ruler of All Things Hot and her guru.

Ignacio put himself though college, taking a full class load, while working at Grub.  Also, he loves stickers and Yaz.

Floyd & Gary are the guys who are making all that brunch happen on the hotline!

Veronica is our amazing kitchen manager AND sometimes she treats us all and makes us the best enchiladas in the whole world.

Libs is the GM, Prince is her guru and life coach, she could watch basketball every single day and she thinks Guess? should have a plus size line.

When not grabbing the phone at Grub to help you decide what you want for lunch you will find Rich directing films (sometimes at Grub)!

Brandon & Sarah met working at Grub - they are now married and have kids!

Deshan is THE KINDEST PERSON ON THE PLANET and is goin to be a doctor one day.

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