The Story of Grub

Denise DeCarlo and Betty Fraser started a catering company in 1995 when they met as waitresses at California Pizza Kitchen.  In looking for a space to use as a catering kitchen, they happened upon a house at the corner of Seward and Barton in the heart of Hollywood.  Neighbors saw the gals moving cooking equipment in and asked when they were opening the restaurant...that had not been part of the plan.  

So the gals sat on the front porch and realized they had a home, they had stoves, they loved to cook, and went for it.

Six months later, Grub was opened to the public and the little house in the middle of a residential neighborhood with a few studios was garnering attention for their comfort food and their hands on approach to service.  They wanted everyone to feel at home - and now, since 2001, people from all over the world have come to our little house on Seward street.

Grub and the gals have been seen on shows such as Food Paradise, Top Chef, Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels, Eye on LA, The Salt-N-Pepa Cooking Show, Home & Family, and many others.

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