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Longtime Hollywood Fave “Grub” Announces Closure After 19 Years


(Hollywood, CA – February    , 2020) –Chefs Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo, co-owners of longtime Hollywood brunch and lunch favorite “Grub,” have announced they will soon be turning off their stoves for the last time. The California Comfort food mainstay, housed in an off-the-beaten path, 1920’s converted bungalow, will officially end its long and successful run on Sunday, March 1.


Opening in 2001, Grub’s distinct energy, sense of fun and updated comfort food classics turned guests in to family for almost two decades. For Fraser and DeCarlo, affectionately known as the “Grub Gals,” the end is bittersweet.


“Grub was initially an extension of our catering company but quickly grew to have a life and personality all its own,” said Fraser, a frequent television and live event guest chef.  “We’re proud of the fact that we held true to our convictions - with both our food and belief that dining can be fun. But you can only get pulled in so many directions before you need to decide on one. This will allow us to focus solely on our catering business and drive us forward as chefs.”


Grub’s menu was based on comfort food classics with an updated twist with instantly recognizable names such as “Friggin’ Amazing French Toast,” the
“Big Ass Ice Cream Sandwich” and their award-winning “Crack Bacon” which pulled hungover Angelenos out of bed on countless Sunday mornings.


“I never had children so Grub has been my baby,” said DeCarlo. “But at 19 years old it’s time for the baby to grow up and become something else. While the timing is right for this decision it doesn’t ease the sting of saying goodbye to our loyal guests and, particularly, our amazing staff through the years. We’re so grateful for them all.”


While the restaurant business is known for a high-failure rate, particularly in a market like Los Angeles, Grub was able to shoulder on despite rising costs, delivery services, food trucks and ghost kitchens and continued to stick with their initial mantra of “Just be happy – It’s better than the alternative.”


“This isn’t a business for the weak-hearted,” said Fraser. “But as hard as it sometimes was in the back of the house, our guests and incredible staff is what made it all worthwhile.  So to everyone who has been a part of the Grub family over the past 18 years we can only say ‘thank you.’ It’s been the ride of our lives.”


Grub (www.grub-la.com) will remain open throughout the month of February on Wednesday through Friday from 11:00 am through 3:00 pm and on the weekends from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The final brunch be served on Sunday, March 1. For additional information please contact Betty Fraser  bettythefoodchick@gmail.com

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